PRADO is an open source project hosted on GitHub. It is released under the terms of the BSD License.

The latest stable version of PRADO is 3.3.2.


Latest changelog entries


Previous PRADO v3.x releases

Version Date Files
3.3.0Febr 15, 2016Source code and documentation
3.2.4Aug 26, 2014Source code and documentation
3.2.3Nov 26, 2013Source code and documentation
3.2.2July 20, 2013Source code, documentation
3.2.1January 19, 2013Source code, documentation
3.2.0June 25, 2012Source code, documentation
3.1.10July 27, 2011Source code, documentation
3.1.9June 3, 2011Source code, documentation
3.1.8May 29, 2011Source code, documentation
3.1.7February 22, 2010Source code, documentation
3.1.6July 22, 2009Source code, documentation
3.1.5May 24, 2009Source code, documentation
3.1.4January 11, 2009Source code, documentation
3.1.3November 1, 2008Source code, documentation
3.1.2April 21, 2008Source code
3.1.1October 1, 2007Source code
3.1.0July 2, 2007Source code
3.0.7April 2, 2007Source code
3.0.6December 4, 2006Source code
3.0.5October 23, 2006Source code
3.0.4September 4, 2006Source code
3.0.3August 6, 2006Source code
3.0.2July 2, 2006Source code
3.0.1June 4, 2006Source code
3.0.0May 1, 2006Source code


File Description Release date
Dreamweaver Extension PRADO Dreamweaver Extension (r2764) February 14, 2010
InType Bundle PRADO InType Bundle (r2854) June 23, 2010
Notepad++ Plugin PRADO Notepad++ Plugin (r2793) April 6, 2010
Textmate Bundle PRADO TextMate Bundle, suitable also for Sublime Text 2 (r3193) July 24, 2012

Git Access

You can obtain the latest development version of PRADO from our Git repository.

WARNING: Unreleased Source code in Git may contain known bugs and are subject to changes without prior notice.

The Source code repository can be accessed anonymously using the following command,

git clone