Welcome to the PRADO Blog Tutorial

The purpose of this tutorial is to provide new PRADO users a step-by-step guidance on how to develop a blog system using PRADO. Readers of this tutorial are not required to have prior knowledge about PRADO. However, readers should have basic knowledge of object-oriented programming (OOP) and database programming. For a more definitive guidance about PRADO, readers may refer to the Quickstart Tutorial.

This tutorial is organized in a day-by-day fashion. Each day new PRADO concepts and techniques are introduced, and new features of the blog system are implemented. At the end, we will complete a simple blog application that meets a list of initial requirements.

In order to follow the tutorial to create and run the day-by-day examples, readers should have access to a Web server installed with PHP 5.1.0+ and PRADO 3.1+. Instructions for installing PRADO can be found at project website.